Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry at Kelsey Perry Dental

Our Restorative Dentistry services combine advanced dental techniques and personalized care to restore the function and aesthetics of your smile. Whether you’re experiencing tooth decay, damage, or loss, our team is equipped with the expertise and technology to offer solutions that not only look natural but also enhance your overall oral health. Located in the heart of South Charlotte, our clinic is designed to provide you with a comfortable and welcoming environment, ensuring a positive experience throughout your restoration journey.

Comprehensive Restorative Treatments

  • Composite Fillings and Onlays: We use tooth-colored materials for fillings and onlays, ensuring a natural look while restoring strength and functionality to damaged teeth.
  • Same-Day Crowns, Bridges, and Implant Crowns: Leveraging advanced dental technology, we offer same-day crowns and bridges, minimizing your wait time and discomfort. Our implant crowns are custom-designed to match your natural teeth, offering a permanent solution for tooth loss.

Advanced Solutions for Complex Needs

  • Dentures: For those experiencing significant tooth loss, our custom-designed dentures provide a functional and aesthetic solution, restoring the appearance and capabilities of your natural teeth.
  • Extractions and Immediate Care: When a tooth cannot be saved, our team performs gentle extractions. We then work with you to determine the best restorative options, including immediate placements of crowns or bridges to ensure your smile remains uninterrupted.

At Kelsey Perry Dental, we understand that the need for restorative dentistry can come from many places – decay, accidents, or the natural wear and tear of life. Our compassionate and skilled team is dedicated to providing restorative solutions that not only address your immediate dental needs but also contribute to your long-term oral health. With a focus on comfort, function, and appearance, we’re here to help you achieve a smile that you’re proud to show off.

Ready to restore your smile? Contact us at 704-705-7770 to schedule a consultation. Our office at 8041 Corporate Center Drive Suite 200, Charlotte, NC, is ready to welcome you and guide you through your restorative dental care journey, ensuring you leave with a smile that’s both healthy and beautiful.